About On & Off Rhodes

Welcome to On & Off Rhodes

We are interested in riding, running, hiking, camping, etc.  Anything on or off road.  Be it an epic road or mountain bike ride/race, a 12 hour race, 5K race, half marathon, triathlons, duathlons, skiing, snowshoeing, anything.

Created by Peter & Paul Rhodes in 2006 as a cycling club to race the New England  road and mountain bike circuit.  The  goal was to start at team strictly because they liked to ride and race.  No sponsorship, no changing jerseys every year because some sponsor was added or left.  The focus was racing and riding bikes.

Over time the concept has morphed from just racing bikes to focusing on anything that can fall into an on or off road “adventure”.  The  evolution came about as both Paul and Peter got away from strictly racing bicycles and started to get back into running, hiking, camping, triathlons, duathlons, etc.

Pete & Mia Rhodes

Peter Rhodes: One of the two masterminds behind On & Off Rhodes.  Peter lives with his wife Mia and dog Codi.  After years of soccer and track & field, he discovered the beauty of road bikes in early 1989, that was the famous 8 seconds Tour de France won by Greg LeMond.  Something about the speed and finesse of road riding appealed to him.  In the long run, and as happens to most bike racers, the other disciplines soon caught his attention too.  Peter has successfully competed in road, mountain, cyclocross races for over 30 years now.

In May of 2013 Peter and Mia moved to Portland, OR to expand the influence of On & Off Rhodes to both coasts (and a new job had something to do with it too).

Paul Rhodes

Paul Rhodes: The other genius behind On & Off Rhodes.  Paul is married to Shannon Rhodes, father to Travis, Isabella and Noah, and proudly owned by three cats.  Flipflop, Gizmo and Cutey Cute Cute (yes that is really the cat’s name).  Paul is an accomplished category 1 mountain biker and category 3 road racer.

Paul started mountain bike racing in 1989  finding joy in the mud, technical skill required, and pain associated pushing yourself to the limits in the woods.  Like Pete, he was soon attracted to all disciplines of bike racing and both spent many years traveling around New England racing the road, mountain and cross scene.

Being a successful husband and father requires a great time commitment and in recent years Paul has discovered triathlons and running as ways to stay fit without the massive amounts of time required to be a successful bike racer.

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  1. Adis says:

    Hi Paul. I saw back in 2011 you wanted to sell Bianchi FG Lite. Do you still have it? If so please kindly email me back at: nresec@gmail.com

    Thank you very much.


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