A ride and a run

Saturday April 2, 2011

Exploratory End of Days Ride (GPS info)

Spring is still slowly  moving into NH.  We had 5″ of new snow Friday and winds in the 25+ MPH range all weekend once more.  Last year it topped out around 80 degrees on this same weekend.  What I would not give for weather like that right now.

I’ve been spending some time lately mapping out ideas for the “End of Days Ride” on May 21, 2011.  I’ve been using some Delorme maps we have and Bing Maps to piece it together.  I wanted to check out an old rail line that is either going to be in the early stages of the ride or the very end.  It all depends on which direction I decide is more fun for this ride.  Currently I am leaning towards today’s section being towards the end.

Merrimack River from Depot St in Boscawen

I noticed on Bing Maps that there appears to be baseball fields and an old railroad line at the end of a dead end street.  I’ve biked by this street probably 500 times in my life and this was my first time ever going down it.  Looks like this may be what I am looking for.

Just what i was hoping for

I rode down it only a few hundred feet before the snow got too slushy and I couldn’t go any more.  It looks like the rail ties have been removed and only the base is remaining.  A few more weeks and this should hopefully dry out considerably.


At about the point I got stuck in the snow I could see a whole gaggle of Canadian Geese hanging out on the Merrimack river.  I only got a sample of them in this picture, but there had to be at least 30 to 40 of them just hanging out in the river.  One can only hope with the Canucks heading back through NH that real spring weather is just around the corner.  As long as I keep seeing them fly north I will  be happy.

Sunday April 3, 2011

Beyond the Rainbow 5K

I went out to Newmarket, NH for the latest race in the Will Run For Beer Series.  I have not raced too much this year.  This is my 3rd running race of 2011 and the first since February.  I didn’t get squat in for a warm up.  I spent 15 minutes standing in line with about 50 other people so I could pee.  There was definitely not enough Porta-Potties at this event.  Something like 1800 runners and 6 toilets…..you do the math.

The finish was about a mile from the start, by the time Mia got down there after the start, she was just in time to see my crossing the finish line.  It was crazy windy again today and I was a bit over dressed.  I should have ditched the long sleeve or gone for something a bit more lightweight.


At the end

GPS from 5K
I was pretty happy with my time considering the crappy warm up and the fact that I have only been running about 2-3 times a week lately.
Pace was just about 7:12 miles.  Not close to my P.R. but considering it is only April I am pretty happy.  I’d like to break the 6:40 barrier this year.  I was pretty close last year.

Here is to hoping the weather keeps improving.  I’d like to see 60 degrees in the next few weeks.



I may have some cool pics of a new toy next weekend depending on what Mia decides to do this week……stay tuned.

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