Awesome October weekend!

October 8-9,2011

We really could not have asked for a better weekend as far as the weather was concerned.  Only 3 & 4 days ago it was below freezing in the morning and a whopping 50 with lots of clouds in the afternoon.  Then Saturday rolls around and we hit the mid 70’s with lots of sun and today, Sunday, it is in the 80’s.
Mia and I took full advantage of the forecast.  Saturday morning we headed for the Concord Farmer’s Market for our weekly coffee and donut treat and to see what is being harvested this late in the year.  Then a quick grocery shopping trip and then a nice bike ride on the “Mia Loop”.
Topped Saturday off with having to go get some more work related clothes after 2 dress shirts and a pair of pants finally called it quits this past week, then dinner at Hermanos.   It all made for a most excellent Saturday.

Unseasonably warm for October...shorts and short sleeves only!

Sunday was the 2nd Annual Sue Ann Martin 5K.  Sue Ann was a teacher in Concord, NH and my old boss was her husband.  Sue Ann was an avid runner and a great woman!  Sadly Sue Ann passed away very unexpectedly and left behind a husband and 3 kids.  The 5K raises money for a scholarship fund in her name and I will proudly do this race every year that it is held!

Mia and I came up with the idea of biking over to the start of the race, running, then biking home “the longer way”.  It’s only about 4.5 miles from our house to the start of the race.  The weather was crazy nice.  Probably a bit too warm considering what our bodies have become used to over the past few weeks.  I’m not going to complain though!

Alternative transportation to the race start

This race is not the easiest 5K around, after only 2/10 of a mile the first hill comes at you.  Every one is all gung-ho and the pace was pretty darn quick.  This whole section of the race is also totally exposed to the sun.  It then drops down to Portsmouth Street, which is more appropriately shaded, does a u-turn on one of the cul-de-sacs and then back up over the hill we did at the start of the race.  It’s a fast course, but those two climbs hit you pretty good.

Parking at the race start

Since the race starts and ends at Sue Ann’s school that she taught at, there is of course nice convenient parking for bikes!  We were not the only people who biked over either.  Two other people actually hard Fargos and a few road bikes, mtn bikes and a hybrid too.  Glad to see people saving on the gas!

Mia and I hung out for a bit to see people finish, chat with friends and get some food and drink after the race.  We then headed the long way home via Shaker Rd, Hoit, Seawalls Falls.  It was a nice way to spin out the legs after the intense effort of a 5K.  Also a great way to spend my Sunday!

I cannot complain one bit about this gorgeous weekend of riding, running and hanging with Mia.

Thanks for reading.


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