Christmas tree hunting

Christmas Tree Hunting
November 27, 2011

Turkey day has come and gone, lots of good food and hanging out with family.   We hosted 9 people total at the house and I think everything went well.  Lots to give thanks for this year too.  Life is going well, new promotion at work, fitness feels pretty good.  Things are looking spectacular for 2012 too.

Over the 4 day weekend I got in some good rides and my first run on the dreadmill for the season.  I finally broke down and joined the gym again on Friday, I really hate LOATHE working out indoors.  We’ve had pretty decent weather this late into November, so I have gotten to keep running and riding outside quite a bit.  Another snow storm on  the Wednesday before Thanksgiving convinced me it was time to sign up for Planet Fitness.
Friday Mia and I headed to P.F. and I did my first indoor run since some time in March or April.
Saturday I got out for a decent 34 mile ride on the Soma Double Cross and Sunday was another ride on the D.C heading out into the hills of Bow.

Before my ride though, Mia and I headed out for what has become our annual tradition of tagging a tree.  We’ve been hitting this small place on Shaker Road in Concord.  It’s some one’s private land and any tree is only $30.  Not size limit, no price per foot, just $30 each.
Now I’ll be the first to admit that these are not the most professionally manicured trees in the world.  Purchasing from these guys though keeps the money local and supports a local business.  Things I am all for.

Mia looking for the perfect tree

There are lots of trees and quite a few have already been tagged.  Every size, shape condition can be found here.  You will not find the “perfect” tree, but you will find trees with character.

Wild looking

I found the above tree pretty quickly.  It is very full and should be able so support lots of ornaments.  We did look around a bit more, but didn’t find anything that quite knocked this guy out of contention.

Mia gives it the full inspection
laying claim to our tree

We’ll probably  be back either December 4th or 10th to take this puppy home.  Then it’ll be decorating time.  I’m looking forward to see how this guy looks in our living room.

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