More Early Season Riding & Cupcakes

Paul and I continued the string of early season bike rides.  It has been a long time since conditions were like this in February.  What is more amazing is that we were mountain biking!  Usually the trails are totally buried or iced over this time of year.   We had to drive down to Nashua to ride Mine Falls Park, it is not the most technical of trail systems in NH and not really any hills to speak of, but it was still a chance to mountain bike.

It was the low 40’s and the snow storm that was talked about Friday night never materialized.  The trails were mostly clear and what little ice there was was easy to navigate.  There were a few muddy areas but it was mostly that super slick mud that sits on top of frozen ground.  It wasn’t deep at all.

We ended up with about 2 hours or riding and had to do multiple laps of the park to accomplish that, but it was nice to get out and ride and not be in the gym.  GPS data

On the way back home we cut through downtown Nashua to try and find something to eat and discovered Lovin Cupcakes and Cannolies.  Needless to say this was the place that caught our attention.  It now makes 3 cupcake centric bakeries that I have visited.  In Concord we have New England Cupcakery,  Manchester has Queen City Cupcakes, and now this one in Nashua.  Lovin’s cupcakes are the smallest of the three locations , but they are also the  lowest priced of the three.  The cake on theirs is dense, not light and fluffy like box mixes, I like this dense cake better.  What proved to me that they knew their stuff though was that they don’t fill their cannoli until you order one.  This means the shell stays nice and crunchy and does not get soggy.
I’d visit them again.  Their cupcakes are on the small size, but as an indulgent treat, it is worth the $3.

Only 2 remain......

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  1. apcrhodes says:

    If you are checking out every cupcake place in NH, there’s on in Bedford that was pretty good- right on 101. I haven’t been to any others so I can’t compare, but I thought it was yummy!
    This weather is crazy- haven’t been out on my x-c skis yet.

    1. onrhodes says:

      I think you are referring to Black Forest Cafe (or something like that)….been awhile since I have been there. Probably over 6-7 years now.

  2. Paul says:

    I liked these Nashua ones better than NEC, but for indulgence I still will turn to Bread & Chocolate for my go to place.

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