Sunday Jaunt with Mia


Did a nice little ride with Mia today.  Weather was a bit chilly at the start of the day, but the sun finally managed to come out and warm things up a bit.  We did a loop out into Webster, Warner, Danville, Tooky, and then back into Concord.  Just over 37 miles total.

I got a killer deal on a a new set of wheels for Mia’s Cannondale.  Dropped almost a full pound from the stock wheelset too.  Today was a chance for her to get out and give them a nice test ride.

Hope everyone else is having a good Sunday!

New Spinergy Xaero on Mia’s Cannondale

My trusty Look 555
Mia all smiles during the ride
Donkey’s giving me the hairy eyeball

When I die and come back….I think I want it to be as a domestic house cat……..

Lazy bums!

Again, hope everyone had a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.


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