New Race Shoes

It’s been almost 20 years since I had a pair of dedicated race shoes for running.  My last pair was in high school for spring track season.

I’ve  been contemplating a race only pair of shoes for awhile now, I just couldn’t decide which pair to get.  After almost a year on my Saucony Peregrine trail shoes now, I wanted something with a similar heel drop and feel, just in a road version.
Enter the Saucony Type A5.  It’s got a 4mm heel drop just like the Peregrine.  The Type A5  is very similar to the Kinvara, just not as soft on the bottom, I generally prefer a firmer feeling shoe anyways.  The Kinvara is also classified as a minimalist shoe, while the A5 is more “race” according to the Saucony website.

Saucony Type A5

While color is generally not in my top 5 deciding factors, I thought the “slime green” color was pretty sweet.

My first pair of running shoes in junior high was a pair of Saucony and I have loved this company since then.  I don’t know what it is about their shoes, but they feel just about perfect for my running style.  I hope these shoes fall into that category.

Pretty basic and minimum sole pattern

And look, they send a little message too…..

Yup…Get Some!

I’ve got the Rock N Race coming up in a week, so these shoes will hopefully make their race debut there.  Until then, I need to get in a few workouts in them.  Make sure they are the right shoe for me (if they are anything like the Peregrine, they should be fine) and break them in a bit.

Thanks for reading.


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