Memorial Day weekend

Saturday started with a 5:30am 41.5 mile bike ride, then off to swim class with Bella and Noah with a quick stop at The Works for an iced coffee….that Noah drank most of.  Then off to Travis’ LAX tournament that we ended up missing both his games by the time we got there after swim class.  Then off to drop Bella off at her cousins for a sleep over. 

Sunday was another blur.  10k run with mix of pavement and trails through St. Paul’s XC running course.  Over to the garden to plant some potatoes, corn, and water the stuff already planted.  Then off to Ellacoya for some fun in the sun and water.  We hit the Smoke House on the way back to bring BBQ home for Shannon, myself, and Travis.  Day two whirlwind completed.

Monday, three mile run that was supposed to be a recovery run turned into a big interval session because nature was calling and it was a short run that felt like at one point it was never going to end.  Luckily I made it home in time. 🙂  Down to the parade, back to The works for a smoothie and parfaits, and then over to Bicentennial Square.  A quick walk back home and again back to the garden for some weeding.  Bella helped a little and Noah just got dirty.  Another stop at home for lunch and to get all the bikes ready for a bike ride.  Travis is getting tall quick make one of my bikes fit him is getting tuff.  Luckily the Soma worked good enough.  Shannon had her road bike, Bella had her mtn bike, Trav was on th cross bike, and I was on the rigid mtn bike towing Noah in the trailer.  Again over to St. Paul’s and the bike path.  The kids loved throwig rocks into Turkey Pond and Travis had a rock skip 10 times….very impressive.  And of course what would the official start to the summer season be without a trip to Beech Hill for some animals and ice cream.

Too lazy to post pictures here, but Shannon and I have a bunch on Facebook for our “fanclub” to view.  Lots jammed into a 3 day weekend and now back to work tomorrow…ugh.

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