Busy few weeks


Been a little quiet since the Pats Peak race.  It’s been crazy busy with installing new flooring in the bedroom in anticipation of our new bedroom furniture.  My riding and running has suffered a bit.

Last weekend was the floor install, wall painting, baseboard painting, and general hard labor.  In truth it took about 7 days of work.  Instead of tackling it all at once, I ripped out the 25 year old carpet and carpet pad bit by bit and Mia painted the walls over 3 days.  It was less daunting to do it this way.

Our furniture arrived this past Thursday and was setup by the Bernie & Phyls people.  Now the task of getting everything back in order and emptying out the old dressers and nightstands commences.

25 year old carpet GONE!

Montgomery Apple flooring. Looks really good.
Inspection by the foreman

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  1. Margaret Comire says:

    It’s coming along & looking real nice.

  2. Elizabeth Carter says:

    I’m considering the same flooring myself but in looking online it seems much lighter than this. I love yours as they seem darker. Are there different shades or is this actually the color of Montgomery Apple?

    1. onrhodes says:

      There is some slight variation of shading within each box. Not a lot, but some pieces are a little darker than others. We found this flooring to be “dark, but not too dark”. We have cherry downstairs and it looked much darker on the sample, but with a whole room full of it, it was much lighter than we thought. The montgomery apple though seemed to hold up to our anticipation for shade once the whole room was filled up.

  3. Angela Morris says:

    How has the apple flooring held up? We are wanting it but I read a bad review???

    1. onrhodes says:

      Since installing it, we’ve moved across the country. Still own the house but rent it out. As far as I know it is holding up fine.

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