Billy Mak’s 70th

It’s not always about riding, running, racing, etc.  This past Sunday Mia and I (and a whole lot of other people) celebrated the 7oth birthday of the world famous Bill Makarawicz (Mack-ah-rav-itch) AKA Billy Mak.  This is Mia’s Uncle.

Happy Birthday Billy Mak!

The Birthday Boy
Kristi (Bill’s daughter) and Aunt Gigi (his wife)
Howie (son-in-law) and Neko (grand daughter)
Nathan (aka Little Billy Mak), he’s a miniature look alike of Uncle Bill
Lisa, Maggie, Kristi, Martha, Mia

Above from left to right are niece, sister-in-law, daughter, niece, and niece of Billy Mak.

Keith, Bill’s son and eldest child
Bob (brother-in-law by marriage), and Me.

Great day, weather turned out pretty awesome after some heavy downpours in the morning.  Good to see everyone again.


Thanks for reading,


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