Sue Ann Martin 5K

Today Mia and I participated in the 3rd Annual Sue Ann Martin 5k.  Sue Ann’s husband Tom was my boss at one point when he was the state comptroller.  Sue Ann tragically died in 2010.  It was a total shock and completely unexpected.  Here is a woman who ran daily and was in great shape.  The community lost a great teacher and mother.  I only got to meet her a handful of times, but she was a great person.  I also got a good glimpse into how Tom felt about her.  The first time I met Sue Ann Tom introduced her to me as “this is my beautiful wife”.  That spoke volumes to me about their relationship.

I wasn’t sure how “serious” I was going to take today, it’s been awhile since I raced a straight up running race.  It was the Rock N Race back in May actually.  The more I warmed up the better and looser I was feeling, that was a good sign.  Especially after an almost 40 mile road ride with Mia on Saturday.

I’ll summarize the race quickly (since I think most people could care less about the “details”).  Went out at a pretty good pace, tried to keep it in the 6:35-6:40 pace.  There is a climb right off the start and then again just before the end.  Came in 11th overall and 1st in my age group.  So that is 2 races in a row now when I get to claim the age group win.  I’m pretty happy with that after what I feel had been a pretty poor September of training.

I’ll do this race every year that they hold it.  Tom plans on 7 editions so that the kids who were 4th graders with Sue Ann in 2010 will be seniors in high school.  The family’s dream is to be able to offer a scholarship to each of her 4th grade class who is going to college.  That is very cool.

Tom and Sue from their college days

Got to see a lot of co-workers and friends at this race too.

Mike and Miiko Bradley
Their dog Jacobe. A very cute and chubby Shiba Inu

Mia and Kelly walked the 5.3 miles from our house to the course and then walked the 5K too.  Mia says she is “retired” from racing (we’ll see about that) and Kelly is recovering from one of those adventure races on Saturday.  I think they were the first walkers, so it was at least a speed walk.

Mia and Kelly

It was in the mid 50’s and cloudy for the race, which is decent race weather.  Not hot, not cold, good enough to get moving.  After we got home though, it was a bit chilly.  What better way to get the chill out?  Espresso!

Jet fuel!

So, with 4 more editions left to the Sue Ann Martin 5K.  I recommend doing this race.  Great atmosphere, good post race food, t-shirts for all, and it supports a great cause and helps a remarkable family share their love for their lost wife/mother.

Thanks for reading.


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