Tilly Jane Hike


Mia and I left New Hampshire on May 20th.  We’ve been gone for just over a month on this adventure and things are finally starting to settle down and settle in for that matter.  We moved into our more permanent apartment last weekend, we now have a couch and love seat to sit on (instead of the floor) and for me personally I am starting to get the gist of work @ the City of Beaverton and I feel like I am catching on quickly.

After visiting the Beaverton Farmer’s Market we got a call from Juston and Laurel, AKA Team Manville, for a short hike near Mt Hood.  We were game, the weather was beautiful and it was time to get out and move my butt some more.

We ended up on the eastern side of Mt. Hood doing the Tilly Jane Trail.  The hiking was like nothing I have ever experienced before.  There was a forest fire here a few years ago, and we were hiking right through the middle of the carnage.  It was so cool to see the forest making a comeback amongst the charred and skeletal remnants of the fire.

We headed up to a campsite area that could be promising down the road and then took a quick jaunt over to one of the glaciers coming off Hood.  That was another first for me, being near a glacier.  The Whites of NH just don’t have that.

The view from above the glacier and looking back towards Hood River (I think) was pretty sweet.

Looking down a glacier
Looking down a glacier

This was a very cool hike and quite the experience compared to what I am used to.  I look forward to getting out on some more and I really look forward to getting above 10,000 feet on one of the peaks around here.

We lucked out when we got to Hood River too.  The Mt. Hood Cycling Classic stage 3 was taking place in town.  So we got to watch the criterium and eat at Double Mountain Brewery

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  1. The view looks a bit baren. Hopefully those trees will grow back at some point. Those white puffy things your looking at Mia are quite interesting. What are they called. Are they mushrooms ???

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