Forest Park Weekend

What makes a decent weekend in PDX for Mia and I?  How about some trail running, popcorn with bacon!, homemade pizzas, a mountain bike ride and some more good food!

Saturday was our typical visit to the Beaverton Farmer’s Market, followed up by a not too expensive trip to the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store (there are some perks to being a Beaverton Employee).  Then we headed out for a 5 mile jog/trot on the Wildwood Trail from the Germantown Road side.

After the run we hit up Elephants Delicatessen on NW 22nd Ave.  This store is awesome.  It’s got some incredible food choices plus a full service brick oven pizza, a HUGE cheese selection, pastries, heat & serve meals, and a whole lot more.  It’s what Butters Fine Foods in Concord, NH could (and should) be.  One of the “finds” was some carmel, bacon! popcorn!  Yes, it is addictive.

Insanely Tasty
Insanely Tasty

Elephants also had this little dessert cake that was called a “Ding Dong” and it tasted just like that Ding Dong, but like 100 times better.

On Sunday Mia and I headed back to Forest Park for an easy spin on our mountain bikes.  The weather continues to be near perfect here in PDX.  Temps in 70’s & 80’s during the day, lows in the 50’s at night.  Sunshine, low humidity!  It’s been awesome.

Anyways, our bike ride finished, we headed back to downtown Portland and hit up Lovejoy Bakery for some coffee and a little “snack”.

Coming up in the next few weeks is another 5K, on the Nike Campus, hopefully another camping trip, and more food, rides, runs and fun!

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  1. says:

    Hi Pete & Mia

          Thanks for keeping us informed. It seems to me that you two are having a wonderful time in Oregon.

    Mom and I assume that your job is going good and that you made a good choice by moving there. What is

    your correct e-mail address now? Do we need to use the whole thing above or do we just use on & off Rhodes@comment.word  press. com?

         Khrystine is having a birthday party for her son Payden this coming Saturday. I am not going because

    my knees are not good. Mom is riding down with Paul & Shannon. Then there is the annual Shriners

    Picnic on Sunday which we will attend. I can just sit down and enjoy it. Keep us informed of your activities and how things are working out.


                                     Dad and Mom

  2. It all looks wonderful. Keep us informed because you make us all feel as though we are on these many adventures with you & Mia…We enjoy your reading all of your post….

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