Wet Weekend

The whole Pacific Northwest has been getting hit with the remnants of a typhoon this weekend.  Needless to say……it’s been wet, and windy, and wet!

Lots of rain
Lots of rain

So, even though it has been wet, Mia and I are trying to embrace the Portland mentality.  It’s only rain, and it’s going to be some sort of wet for the next 6-7 months.  Hopefully not this wet though.

We headed into downtown Portland, OR yesterday to visit Rack Attack for some hitch mount bike rack options.  I needed something that would make lugging the Cannondale Rush around easier.  The lefty fork makes throwing it on a roof top carrier a bit of a hassle.  I have to unbolt the front wheel, slap on an adapter and then do just the reverse once we get to our location.  Then do those steps all over again at the end of the ride and when I get home.

Anyways, we ended up with a Kuat Sherpa.  Super nice, super light and just what I was looking for.  It took me less than 2 minutes to get it off the car when we got home too.  I’ll be using it this coming weekend for a ride, so hopefully a more complete review after a couple uses.

While heading to Rack Attack, we stumbled upon Blue Star Donuts.  Their slogan was something along the lines of “donuts for adults” or something like that.  I had a really tasty raised donut with blueberry and basil glaze.  Mia had a lemon poppy that  was also super good.  They had a cointreu creme brulee filled donut and a maple bourbon cream filled one too.  Definitely not your typical donuts here.

Sunday we spent at the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show.  It is a chance for Oregon made bike products to be showcased.  There was some beautiful bikes there and a few (but not too many) hipsters.  I was really impressed with the steel bikes at Ti Cycles booth, Mia loved the bikes at Vendetta Bikes booth, and we were in total awe at the beauty of the wooden helmets made by Coyle.

And then after a visit to Grand Central Bakery on Hawthorne, we hit up New Deal Distillery so Mia could get some Vodka.

Thus ends our epically wet weekend.

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  1. Looks like more eatin’ than ridin’ the next 7 months. ☺

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