Lost Friend

This may come across as foolish to some, but I don’t care.

Tonight Mia and I had to make an extremely difficult decision on my cat Guinness.  She was my 25th birthday gift from my roommates and I have loved this cat from day one.  She’s been through so much with me.  She was like no cat I have ever owned.  I’m going to miss her very much.  We didn’t want her to suffer and so had to make the decision tonight to put her to sleep.

Caleb better be ready to deal with an overload of attention.

Insufficient Postage
Passed out
My toys!
As you can see, it’s a common pose for Guinness
Yup, still sleeping
She bakes too
Black cat and jack o’ lantern
She was a heat thief too.
I need a drink
relaxing outside
What’s in here?
Rent is due
They do sleep A LOT!
G loves to cuddle
Score! The day Mia dropped a bag of shredded cheese
She loves a warm hood






3 Comments Add yours

  1. Margaret Comire says:

    Oh, poor Guin, Guin. What was her diagnosis ???? I am feeling what you are feeling. As you know, we had to make that same decision with Smokey. You’ll be missing him for a long time since he was a big part of your life. You’ll also miss him being a part of your family & Mia will certainly miss him sleeping with her. Time heals the wounds. Take care & thinking of you….

  2. That is a difficult thing to do.Remember Princess? I could not talk about it for a while.

  3. Scott Denoncourt says:

    As hard as it was for you, she thanks you. Sorry Pete & Mia. 😦

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