Snow and PDX don’t mix

So, apparently it doesn’t snow very much in the greater Portland, OR area.  Today proves to me without a doubt that Oregonians have no idea how to drive in snow.

While there are some pretty rough conditions today (gusty winds, snow, cold) it is nothing that most of New England doesn’t get every winter.  The problem with the PDX metro area is that they basically don’t have the snow equipment to handle an event such as today.

Yesterday  my home town of Concord, NH got about a foot or so of snow, today I can assure you that things are back to “normal”.  Today, the PDX Metro area is getting 1-4″ of snow and it’s like the End of Days.  It took Mia 3.5 hours to drive her normal 20 minute commute to get home.  She saw abandoned sports cars on the side of the road.

So here is my big question….for about 3 days now the weather folk around here have been telling us to expect high winds, blowing snow, blah blah blah…..why would you decide that going out in your rear wheel drive sports car is a good idea?

I’ve got co-workers who grew up in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, we all get a chuckle out of the native Oregonians who freak out with today’s conditions.
Again, it is not very pleasant out there, but it isn’t anything that most “snow states” don’t see 10 times a winter.

So, hopefully everyone drives safely.  Work may be closed tomorrow…I’ll know by morning………

Reminds me of home!
Reminds me of home!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. says:

    Thanks Pete & Mia   W e hope you guys are O.K. Isn’t it nice that you know how to drive in snow? You probably won’t see it again for another 10 years.


                                                   Dad and Mom

  2. Margaret Comire says:

    Since you & Mia are experts at driving in the snow you may take up a part time job teaching the native Oregonians just how to handle their vehicles in such treacherous conditions. Jking….Love Ya’s & happy moving. Post some pictures of your new abode

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