Dixie Mountain Road

Forecast for today wasn’t looking too hot, so the plan was to get up and get out early for a 3ish hour ride to try and beat the rain.  I got up, got out, but didn’t beat the rain.  Still had a good ride though.

I decided to head out to Dixie Mountain road.  a 7+ mile climb of gravel roads up to Skyline.  I’m still working on dialing in the fit on the Niner RLT, I think after today’s ride I have it.  Lowered the seat just a smidge and the other night I dropped the bar height 15mm.  feels much better.  Now if I can just get those stupid Avid BB5 brakes to stop squealing!

Just before the gravel begins and Kay Road starts to head UP, there is a large blueberry farm.  Hopefully they aren’t just commercial and we can go pick there when the berries are ready.

just a small part of the blueberry farm
just a small part of the blueberry farm

7 miles of up and gravel
7 miles of up and gravel

It still amazes me how less than 15 miles from where this shot was taken is downtown Portland.  It really takes no time at all to get out into the boonies around here.  definitely one of the pluses in my book

Also just beyond were the gravel starts is a Bamboo “Farm”.  Some of the bamboo is well over 30+ feet tall.  I may have to check this out on some lazy Saturday afternoon.

Between hours 1&2 of riding, I saw 2 whole cars!  Again, a huge plus for me.

It didn’t start raining until I got back onto the pavement and headed east on Skyline.  It is at this point that I have to say I am very happy to own some superb technical clothing.  My Pearlizumi Amphib bibs and softshell jersey really kept the elements out.  I stayed comfortable, if not entirely warm (on the downhills) thanks to some awesome cycling clothing.  It reminds me I need to get a few more crappy weather tops and bottoms for riding.

Last, but not least, please excuse any poor grammar or typos. I blame my editor!

My editor
My editor

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  1. n.e.rhodes@comcast.net says:

    Looks like you are enjoying yourselves. That’s Great. We are looking forward to seeing you in the fall.


                       Dad and Mom

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