2nd Annual Freedomthon


Ran the 2nd annual Freedomthon on July 4th. Last year this was my first race since moving to Oregon. So now it was a chance to come and do the race again. It was an awesome way to benchmark just over 12 months out here.
I ran a much smarter race this weekend compared to the Bowerman 5k the other week. My goal was a sub 7 minute pace and I was very happy to keep it in the 6:40-49 mile pace for a 21:11. The fastest 5k for me in a bit. It’s been almost 2 years since I broke the 21 minute barrier. Still got 6 months left to this year to try. I feel the duathlons are helping this year.
Simple flat and fast course starting on 5th Ave in front of the library, head east and turn left on Western. Turn around at the Western and Allen intersection. Not the most difficult of courses, but a good one for a fast time.
Placed 9th overall and 2nd in age group. I have now qualified for my free jacket!
Thanks for reading.

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