Random Stuff

Been a bit hectic the past few weeks with flying back to NH for my grampa’s funeral, moving offices at work, and preparing for vacation.

Anyways, I missed a chance to post specifically about Goat Lake. Needless to say, it’s a wicked awesome overnight hike.  Highest I have ever camped, and yes, we got to see mountain goats.

Goat Lake, still frozen over

Finally getting the Niner RLT dialed in too.  Took it on a great 45 mile mixed surface ride last Saturday to meet Mia down in Portland’s Pearl District.  Then we had a snack at St. Honore.  Holy freaking good food!  I’ll do an update post on the Niner soon.

Work related stuff…..most of the core administrative and support functions for Beaverton moved into our new office location over the past 2 week.  I went from a tiny cube with no windows, to an awesome view and about triple the amount of desk space I had before.  The new location is much better for dining, shopping, MAX, etc.  I really have zero complaints about the new space.  Heck, we even have a locker room with showers so that I can now get changed there instead of in a handicap stall in the bathroom.  That in itself is a huge improvement.

We’re also in the early stages of looking for a dog to add to our family.  It’s going to be an interesting search, and I hope that Caleb doesn’t freak out when we bring another pet into the picture.  I think he has just started to accept that Guinness is gone.

That’s about it for now…..

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