Not too bad a start

As I pointed out last week, I do much better when I have goals and a plan to get there.  This past week was the “official” start to my 2015 goals.  I was planning on 9 hours of exercise, and ended up with 10.5.  Run my required runs for the half marathon training and was introduced to a new route not too far from home.

Saturday morning I went out with a plan of riding 3 hours solo.  I just happened to bump into some guy riding out on Glencoe Road and we started chatting.  Turns out it was Jonathan Maus of Bikeportland fame.  I told him I was looking for some dirt roads to explore and he just happened to be heading out to the Bank-Vernonia Trailhead to meet up with a group doing exactly that.

Jonathan invited me along and we soon met up with about 10-12 people.  I don’t remember everyone’s name at this point, but it was a good group of people.  Good mix of men and women too, which based on my NH riding experiences is such a rare occurrence.

Without going into too much detail, I just want to add that the route was pretty sweet.  Lots of climbing a couple killer fast and fun downhills, and a good group to ride around with.  I want to thank them for letting me tag along.

My 3 hour ride turned into 4.5 hours of fun!

I’ll be headed out on these roads again for a bit more exploration.

Thanks for reading,


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