Insomnia Coffee Pastry Run

Insomnia Coffee is a local coffee company with locations in Hillsboro on Baseline/53rd and over in Tannasbourne, plus our personal favorite location in Cannon Beach.

Just keep following this guy

Today they held a “5K-ish” run (not a race) from the Baseline store to the Tannasbourne store.  The entry fees all went to a very good cause for families who need assistance with their utility bills.  Mia and I figured it was a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon, plus they had me with the word “pastry”.

At the start

Mia and I have decided to call it the “un-race”.  The Insomnia folks stressed it was a fun run, not a race, and we were down with that.

It looks like about 25-30 people showed up for the first annual (hopefully!) event.  The course was pretty decent.  It sent us through some of the quieter neighborhoods near Orenco and Cornell.  Plus running through a nice park at the end of Cherry St.

The finish line

3.5 miles = Iced coffee and scones!

Hopefully the event continues to grow, but at the same time remains an “un-race”.  It was a fun time and the weather could not have been more perfect.

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