Silver Falls Half Marathon

Today was my chance to run the Silver Falls Half Marathon.  I’d heard about this race after we had hiked the main loop during our first fall here in Oregon.  It was definitely on my must do list.

I started out with a ton of motivation for this race back in late July.  Training was going well and I had no complaints.  Then in late September I had some calf issues/injury that just seemed to switch from left to right leg.  I took a couple easy weeks with more biking and less running and a crap load of stretching.  Mia also suggested maybe upping my magnesium intake, so I started taking my daily multi-vitamin again, and what do you know?  It all seemed to work, but…..I had lost a bunch of my running fitness unfortunately.

Just before the start

The course is pretty sweet.  Not super hard, but definitely not easy either.  I was feeling decent until around the 9.5 -10 mile mark, then those last 3ish were rough.  Throw in a whole bunch of us getting stung by bees (once in my left elbow and on my right calf) at the 11 mile mark….that sucked!

At this point I was dying

Temps were in the low 50’s and there was some light rain here and there.  Perfect running temps.  The paved sections of trail and the wooden bridges were the slickest part of the course.  The dirt trails were in good condition.  Here and there we had some large puddles to avoid, but that was about it.


This was one of two waterfalls we got to run behind.  It really is a beautiful state park.  The main hiking loop gives you 10 waterfalls in 8 miles (if I remember correctly).

While my time was no where near my best half, it was about what I expected.  So, I really don’t have much to argue about.

That’s about it.

well except for the fact that my dog is still a murderer…..

Codi kills a dragon

Huge thanks for Mia for coming and driving my butt home afterwards.  I was toast!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. adventurepdx says:

    Ah, bees! I got stung by one in my neck on my tour in Eastern Oregon in September. Ouch.

    Good to see the weather was “okay” out there, it’s been off-and-on rain today here in town. Yesterday was a complete wash. I skipped doing the Verboort 100K yesterday because I’ve been sick, but am happy I didn’t attempt to ride in the deluge!

    Speaking of west side riding, you coming on the Chehalem Ridge Ramble II on Saturday?

    1. onrhodes says:

      I could be game for the CRR on Saturday, gotta see how the weekend is shaping up and if we have any other obligations.
      And yes, the weather was decent out in Silverton area. It started to rain pretty hard just as we were leaving though.

  2. stasia:) says:

    Hey!! I was there that weekend too! I was also supposed to be running the half, but I still haven’t fully healed my foot from a while ago–but I still had the campsite reserved, so James and I went down and made a weekend of it and I took my own mini 6ish mile run rather than do the full 13.1:)

    Would have been funny to run into you!

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