A Bit Soggy Lately

So apparently we’ve broken a record for rainfall here in Oregon.  I think the number being tossed around was 11+ inches of rain in the month of December so far.  Because of this there has been quite a bit of flooding around the PDX area.  Even some mudslides and a sinkhole too.  It’s a bit nuts.

I had some vacation days to burn so did a half day of work on Friday and took this coming Monday off too.  Codi and I did a quick walk in the woods in heavy rain on Friday afternoon.

Saturday I wanted to get outside, no matter what.  I figured a 1 hour ride outside beats the heck out of one hour on the indoor trainer.  It was cold, windy and wet, but at least I was warm.

Today I did one of my favorite loops.  The loop includes a climb up Dixie Mtn Road which is a 9+ mile dirt/gravel road.  The descent back to Jackson School makes all the climbing worth it though.  I saw a handful of cars out there and that was about it.  Got soaked (again) and was warm except for my feet.  I could have used warmer socks.

Hoping to get CB out for some adventure tomorrow, but got to find someplace not under water.

Thanks for reading,


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