Happy Butt

This is about a happy butt. Not a happy, but…….

Saddles for cyclists are a very personal thing.  We’re all known to be rather obsessive about things like seat height, pedal/cleat setup, handlebar tilt, the list can go on and on.  But (not butt) I haven’t met a single rider who is indifferent about their saddle.

My preferred seat is in that dreaded category of “It ain’t made no more”.  The San Marco ERA saddle.  It was a popular model in late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  However San Marco stopped making it some time in the early to mid 2000’s.  When I can find one for a reasonable price and good condition on eBay I tend to try to buy it.

Got this one on eBay recently

I was battling with the fit and feel of a Fizik Tundra on the Salsa Vaya and finally just gave up and bought a decent condition ERA off eBay.  It’s not the titanium railed version, but it feels good to me and was not beat to heck, plus it was only $35.

When I just recently sold the Salsa Fargo (more on that in another post) I switched out the saddle before sending it off to it’s new home.  The USPS pictured above in the main header picture was on the Fargo and lots of other bikes that I have owned.  No idea how many miles this guy has on it, but it is easily 16-17 years old.

Well loved

I’m going to run this saddle until the rails snap or the leather is just destroyed.  A NOS (new old stock) Mapei edition was just recently listed on eBay for $335……ummm no thanks, that’s just a bit silly.

San Marco ERA Mapei Edition

Luckily for me, the other saddle that seems to work for my butt is the Selle Italia Flite.  I’ve got one of these saddles on three of my bikes and am also very happy with it.  If I could get three new ERA titanium saddles though, I’d probably switch them all out.

A very close 2nd

Exciting stuff huh? That’s about it for now.

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