Dang It!

Today was probably one of only a handful of times I wish that it was colder.  I’ve had it in my mind for several weeks now to take the Farley up towards Mount St. Helens and hit up the snowmobile trails and tool around.

Mother Nature had other plans though.  I drove up to the Marble Mountain Sno Park and temps were in the mid 50’s up until about Cougar.  They steadily dropped as I went up FR 83, but only got as low was the mid 40’s.  Add those temps along with a couple days of rain and the snomobile trails were total crap.  It took me almost 20 minutes to go 1.3 miles and I kind of knew then that it would just be a frustrating day.  So I packed up the car and headed back home.  Didn’t have much motivation to go on a ride once I got back, so finished up the book I have been reading and took Codi for a walk.

This was Codi when I got home

So, maybe another time? I hope I don’t have to wait until next winter, but it doesn’t look like temps are going to be dropping anytime soon.  Guess that means other cycling options for the near future.

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