Nice Week


It’s been a good week for riding for many reasons.  Most telling is the absolutely stellar weather we had this past week.  Blue sky, sun, light winds, very little rain except for Monday.  The other nice part of this week was a bit of a long time coming for me.  I got in over 200 miles of riding this past week!  That was around 13 hours of riding which included commuting, a group ride and actual “training rides” too.  I don’t remember the last time I got in over 200 miles in a week.  It has to be 3+ years ago.  I have had quite a few 14-16 hour weeks of exercise since my last 200+ mile week, but those have included mountain biking (less miles), running (even less miles) or hiking (a lot less miles).

Shaggy little guy

I always enjoying riding with Mia too.  It gives me the chance to spend time with her (the woman I love) doing something that I love to do (riding my bike).  Honestly what more could a guy ask for?  Yup…getting sappy for a bit there.

Minor traffic delay

So, while nothing “epic” was accomplished on these rides, no records where broken (as far as I know).  It was a really damn good week of riding.  Here is to hoping that the trend continues.

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