Some Like it Hot


Yes some do like it hot, and as I have expressed here before, I am one of them.  I despise being cold!  So, the past couple days have been really good for me.  We’ve been in the upper 90’s and not a cloud in the sky.  Humidity is low too, which makes the temps that much more “bearable”.

Baby ducks as we cut through the park

We headed out around 8:30AM today and it was already in the upper 70’s.  Kind of made today’s ride up as we went along and ended up over on Roy Rd, crossing 26 and then following Dairy Creek Rd to the end of the pavement and then back home through North Plains and Jackson School Rd.  45 Miles and done before noon, perfect way to start a Sunday.

Blueberry bushes on the right, should be ripe very soon
Glider rides in North Plains
Wheel sucking my beautiful wife

Should be a kind of mellow day for the rest of Sunday.  Paid all the bills and did some bike maintenance on Saturday, so maybe just some reading and catching up on Game of Thrones for the rest of today.

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