Surveyor’s Ridge Ride

In preparation for our August adventure, I got the opportunity to finally ride Surveyor’s Ridge yesterday.  Dean, John and I opted to ride the Dog River – Surveyors Epic Loop, which is about 24 miles.

We did the loop counterclockwise, which if you ask me was the wise decision.  Oak Ridge Trail coming back down to the car at the end of the day is a lot of fun with very tight switchbacks.  However, starting the day climbing up all of those would be a HUGE P.I.T.A to climb.

After about 4 miles of pavement on Route 35 we turned into the unassuming Dog River Trailhead and climbed for 5+ miles.

It was a lot of climbing to get here

John wasn’t “feeling it” and turned around after only about 3-4 miles of climbing.  Which was unfortunate because he missed the following view about 60 seconds after he turned around.

If John had held out another 300 yards…..

I’m not sure I blame him for turning around.  My legs where just not cooperating on this ride and while I survived, it was not the easiest of days.  I can’t complain though, sure beats the heck out of sitting at my work desk and playing with spreadsheets all day.

Dean coming down Oak Ridge Trail

There were a fair amount of riders out on the trail.  Lots of people do the shuttling option, not any we spoke to were doing the loop we were.  In the long run I could have spent a lot more time exploring up there since there are so many connecting trails up on the ridge.

Hard not to enjoy a ride with views like this
Dean agrees

I’ve still got some of the classic Oregon mountain bike rides to do.  Things like Oakridge, McKenzie River Trail, Waldo Lake, and many more.  However, I am going to be here for awhile, so I’ve got time. Adding this to the list of completed though was well worth the effort, even with blah feeling legs.

This sign has been around for a few years

It was a great ride, and I’ll have to get Mia up there to ride one day.  I just wish it was a bit closer to home!  It does give us a good reason to hit up Hood River though.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for reading,


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