San Juan Huts Day 4

Today was more or less a “flat” day.  If you can count 2,000′ of elevation gain as flat?  Relatively speaking though it was another easy day without any major climbing.  Similar to yesterday, there was nothing super hard about today.

Day 6 Dry Creek Hut to Wedding Bell Hut

  • 35.08 miles
  • 2,093′ elevation gain
  • 2,625′ elevation loss
  • 7,025′ max elevation

We could say goodbye to cool weather today.  We were headed into some canyon country and temps were supposed to be close to 90.  This hut itself had very little shade surrounding it.  We basically sat around outside in the shade and moved like a sundial, rotating around the hut as the sun moved east to west.

First we had to start off on several miles of jeep road.  This was one of the more fun starts to our days so far.  There is a warning in the literature that says this section can be impassable if muddy and they offer an alternative “mud route” specifically for today.

Great start to today
the smell of sage is really growing on me
obligatory selfie

We rode on this jeep road stuff for about 9 miles before  hitting some pavement.  This was the point at which today’s standard and alternative routes split.  Troy and I opted for the alternative while the rest took the standard route.  This is probably a good time to point out that just about everyone had some sort of off day during our 7 day journey.  For me I was all out of sorts on day 2, others it was days 4 or 5.  Everyone suffered like a dog on day 6!  The only “Rule” we really had in place was that at least 2 people had to be going on the route that you wanted to do.   We didn’t want anyone going off solo.

Troy and Dean
Wrecked cars in ditches would become a theme over the next few days

Troy and I opted for the “Mexico Mines” alternative route today.  It started out with the longest stretch of pavement we would have all trip.  We did just under 4 miles of blacktop before turning back to dirt.  For the next several miles we would pass many oil/natural gas “farms”.  I knew those were big in Wyoming and the Dakotas, but didn’t know we would see this many Colorado.

desert singletrack
The La Salle Mountains way off.  We’d be there on day 6

I’m pretty sure that we were all at the Wedding Bell Hut by 1pm.  It may have been earlier than that. The rest of the day was about lounging and trying to find shade.  The inside of the hut was a touch too warm to hang out for long.

The deck shade was nice while it lasted.  Views were awesome. (that’s Dave)
It’s freaking hot today!
A view from the bunks

We did get some cloud cover for a while which helped greatly.  During that time we walked around a bit.  There are a bunch of abandoned mines in the area.  My desire to explore wants me to go into one, but common sense prevails and says that could be a bad idea.

More trashed/abandoned cars, this one near the hut
sealed mine shaft, about 80+ feet deep.  Don’t you want to know what is down there?

By this point and time we had our routine down pat.  Eat, rest, wander, eat, lounge, chat, eat, go to bed.  I could get used to this pretty easily.

Great sunset tonight

Our trip was just past the halfway point now.  We still had 3 days in front of us and already talk of day 6 was popping up quite a bit (it’s a brutal day!).

all of the day 4 pics here

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