Timothy Lake Again

Mia and I did this hike 3 years ago.  That was our first Fall here, we didn’t have Codi and the weather was a lot cooler and damp on that day.  My how things have changed in 3 years.

Same trail head start

There are multiple areas on this hike that you can park and start your hike.  We choose to start at the Little Crater Lake campground again because the mini version is just so cool to see.

so clear and calm

This was also going to be Codi’s longest hike to date.  he has done plenty of 7-9 mile hikes, but this one is just over 13 miles long.  The saving grace is there is less than 600′ of total elevation gain.



We started with temps in the upper 40’s and ended the day with temps just over 80.  Saw quite a few hikers, bikers, fishermen, kayakers and campers during this version of the hike.  Everyone was out enjoying the last vestiges of summer before the inevitable rain and clouds comes in for 4-6 months.

almost limitless swimming opportunities today
Lunch stop with awesome views

Codi did a really good job hiking today.  He was pretty peppy for most of the hike and with the warmer weather all the water access really helped him.  Even when we got home he was pretty active until about 8:30, and then bang….he was out like a light.

I really want to get out there and do the 15 mile option for mountain biking.  It’s not a technical trail and there isn’t a lot of elevation gain, but it would be good for beginner mountain bikers or…..I’m kind of formulating an idea of a mountain bike century by doing 7 laps……..

That is about it for now.

Thanks for reading,


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