Twin Life

As my (our) birthday approaches, it always gets me thinking about life as a twin.  One of the questions that Paul and I have been asked multiple times over our lives is “What’s it like being a twin?”.  The simple answer is “I don’t know, what’s it like being a single?”.  You see, it’s not like we know anything else.  We started out as Womb-mates and then spent the first 13-14 years of our lives as roommates.  Heck, even in college we lived across the hall from each other our Freshman year and then spent our Junior & Senior years again sharing a room in a house we rented with friends.


We’ve worked for the same company, but different departments, twice in our lives.  Other than Paul playing football in high school, for the most part we’ve always done the same sports too.  The cycling thing was probably the first time we did something similar but slightly divergent too.  Paul started out mountain biking first and I started out road riding.  Though like any good cycling addict knows, you eventually end up getting multiple bikes and riding/racing multiple disciplines.  We’ve got many other similar interests that go slightly askew from others in our family (music preference for instance).

Meaning no disrespect to our wives, I wanted to point out a distinct advantage to being a twin.  You’re born with a best friend.  There is no waiting to meet that person growing up.  From day one I’ve had someone who has my back and I’ve always had his.  Sure we’ve disagreed on stuff, and our political views are slightly different.  He likes the occasional beer or cocktail and I can’t stand the stuff.  But for the most part, we’re on the same wavelength.

Since moving out to Oregon 3+ years ago, it’s been different.  We used to try and mountain bike, road ride or hike together when we could.  Working in the same building meant afternoon coffee runs together during the work week.  Now we’re mostly sending texts or emails back and forth.  I think the longest we’ve gone without some sort of communication has been maybe 4-5 days.

So, just wanted to wish my twin brother a happy birthday!  Hope you have a good day!  You have to get your butt out here again!

Enough mushy crap fro now…….






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  1. Margaret Comire says:

    Happy Birthday to you, my special son in law…..May you have an eventful day…..I liked the post you wrote stating Twin Life…..You and your twin are definitely unique and very active. You share a close bond with your brother as I do with my sister. That bond is indescribable and difficult to explain. What I can say though, this special bond is perpetual and everlasting between a pair of Twins…..Maggie

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