Cabin Fever


I’m developing a bad case of cabin fever!  We’ve had 3+ months worth of rain in the past 5 weeks and I’m just ready for a more typical weather pattern.


I wish I was staying in this type of cabin, but my current cabin fever is more figurative.  I’ve spent way too much time in the gym and riding my bike indoors this winter.  January was actually a decent month for getting outside.  The cold snowy weather of December/January was more conducive to riding, even with the snow (Love the Trek Farley!).


Saturday was  at least more of the typical winter weather in Oregon that I have grown accustomed to.  The forecast was for rain but when Codi and I went for our morning walk the sun was shining so I got out for a quick 1.5 hours on the Niner RLT and got sprinkled on 1 or 2 times.  I actually ended up being overdressed because I was expecting to get dumped on any second.

words to live by
The Indy Fab caged inside

The winter has been so nasty that the first mountain bike race of the season was forced to postpone until April 1st from March 4th.  The course was covered in snow and ice until just recently.

A little consistency in my outdoor riding would be nice too.  I had about 400 miles outside in January and not even 200 miles outside in February.  The bulk of the XC race season is late April and through May here in Oregon (stupid early….would love to see it pushed out a bit).  So the need to get those winter miles in is a bit increased compared to the New England years when we knew we’d have snow and crap weather well into March and usually April too.  Here the bulk of the racing season is in late April through June then the whole thing just drops off the face of the Earth until cyclocross starts (also too early in my opinion).  I’m just complaining now……

Be nice to ride this a few times before I race it in less than a month

So cross your fingers.  Maybe, just maybe we will get into a more normal weather pattern and more normal riding conditions soon……

Thanks for letting me bitch and complain!


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  1. adventurepdx says:

    I hear ya. Waiting for more predictable NW weather. I could have gone on a hike yesterday, but either the Gorge or Coast Range are still too snowy. Had today off and wished I didn’t pay attention to the weather forecast, since today was mostly nice. I could have gone on a bike ride. Oh well, I was busy with other crap…

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