Home Ain’t So Bad


Mia and I have been back home for a week now after our vacation in paradise.  Getting back into the swing of things hasn’t been too arduous.  Though my mind keeps wandering back to just how awesome the Methow Valley is.  Not gonna lie either, been doing some research on both land and houses for sale up there too.  We’re not in a situation right now to be able to purchase a 2nd home (technically 3rd since I still own the NH house) but we may be able to swing a land purchase if the price is right.  Also buying a megabucks ticket every week, because you never know…..

Spent the week getting back into the rountine.  Walking Codi early in the morning and riding to/from work.  Playing catch up on work while I was gone and tidying up the bills/banking side of things at home too.

old house seen on Saturday’s ride

Mia and I finally got to JC Farms to pick some blueberries this year.  They’re doing a $1.50 per lb which is a pretty good deal.  In not a lot of time we picked 2 buckets full of berries, that ended up being just shy of 14lbs.

13.76lbs of blueberries

JC Farms will be open for 3 more weeks too.  We just may be back for more.  I was pricing small chest freezers for the garage this afternoon since we’re a tad tight on freezer space in the kitchen fridge.

Trek Farley ride @ Stub Stewart

I also finally managed to get out on the Trek Farley again.  Last ride/race was the Sister’s Stampede and I ended up denting the front rim in a couple spots.  I did a little work with some pliers and a rubber mallet to fix the dents.  Today’s ride confirmed that the tires will hold air for at least an hour.  I’ll get a couple longer rides soon to see how they hold up over the long run.

There was a wedding going on at the gazebo at the hilltop parking area.  I think they are the people who put the pink flamingos in the header picture.  I thought those were pretty funny.

Well that is about it for now……though I do have a small idea percolating in my head.  Not sure if I will pull the trigger or not, but I’ve still got time to think about it.

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