Had Some Time to Kill

Well don’t panic or get into a tizzy based on the header picture.  While Mia was in NH the other week I took some time to run down to the local RV dealer and check out a couple of the models that have been catching my eye.  We have not bought anything at this time and a real purchase is at least 12 months away.  However I am a planner and I wanted to walk around a couple units.  Push some buttons, kick some tires, etc.

Thor Compass 23TB

I’ve quite literally gone back and forth about a dozen times about a Class B vs. Class C motorhome.  A Class B could probably subtly be parked in my HOA and not get too much hassle from the board.  A Class C though would require off site storage which is either going to cost us some extra money every month or I have to find a friend or co-worker willing to let me store it on their property.

Inside the Compass 23TB

The Thor Compass 23TB is built on a Ford Transit Diesel chassis.  It’s just a smidge over 23′ long and the bed is at the back with a bumpout on the driver’s side.  This is my favorite layout of the Compass models.  I like this over a Class B because we can take 2 extra guests with us and they will have seatbelts and a place to sleep.  Also the bathroom has a toilet and separate shower stall.  Most Class B have a combo toilet/shower area.  Okay, but not our preferred setup.

Bed on the 23TB, offers some privacy
Sleeping in the bumpout area
Space for some friends to join us

There are a couple of things that the Compass has that Mia and I would probably use very little.  For example, it has 3 televisions in it.  We go camping to get away, not be glued to the boob-tube.  Heck, we only have one TV in the living room and one TV in the bike shop/mantown area for our house, why does my RV need three?

Not a selling point for the two of us

The other model I have been looking at a lot is the Winnebago Trend.  This RV dealer did not have a Trend on the lot, but they did have the Fuse which is basically the Ford Diesel chassis instead of the Dodge Ram.  There are some other subtle differences, but the layouts are basically the same.

The Fuse, I would prefer a Trend

The Trend/Fuse have space for 4 people too.  The big difference is the bumpout houses the pullout couch and then down each side of the coach are twin beds with the bathroom at the back.

Ward & June Cleaver Style sleeping



Yup, not the most romantic of sleeping accommodations for this married couple.  It does offer the ability to insert a base and table though and turn it into a queen sized sleeper, but then you block easy access to the rear bathroom.

Sleeper for two really friendly people

There are still two more RV shows in Portland this year.  One in just a couple weeks and then the November show that we went to last year.  Right now there is a Compass TB at the Wood Village camping world for $68K.  That is $40K off MSRP!  While discounts of 25% are common for the “real price”.  That is a killer deal!  We’re just not ready to pull the trigger on a large purchase like this just yet.

There is even a chance that I end up with a V6 truck of some sort and a towable trailer like Dean’s Aliner.  Right now Mia and I are planning on a motorized RV though.  Next phase will be test driving Class C and B models and see what sings too us.

Still a possibility, just not the front runner

That’s about it for now.  Thanks for reading.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maggie says:

    Definitely a useful purchase for both of you…..They all look pretty nice but I would be anxious to see it in person for whenever you decide to come visit NH again…

    1. onrhodes says:

      Hate to burst the bubble of seeing it in NH but it’s a good solid 6 days to drive across the country. Each direction would be 12 days total…(long days!) so we could “visit” NH for 2 days before turning around and coming back…………..Ideally 9-10 days each direction would be nice.

      Next time you all come out though, we will go out in whatever it is that we eventually purchase. 🙂

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