More Mundane Lately

I don’t say it in a bad way, but life has been a bit more mundane lately.  No adventures or excursions the past four weekends now.  You know what though?  That is totally okay.

Fender weather has arrived

If you do enough Googling, Instagram scrolling or Facebook browsing then it can seems like everyone is having “EPIC” adventures.  Truth is that life is a bit more mundane and mellow.  Do you really want to read about my exciting world of government finance?  I don’t really want to write about it I can tell you that much.  I like my job, I like the people I work with, but it does not define who I am and what I do.

You know what the fun and excitement for Mia and I was this weekend?  We gave Codi a bath.  He was long past due for a little freshening up and we had ample time on Saturday to take care of him.


Look at that thrilled face!


lather, rinse, repeat

He didn’t fight us nearly as much as we expected him to.  He appeared to be more resigned to his fate and just took it in stride.  He was a bit stinky though and I think he knew it.


He does like his Mia kisses


Don’t forget my belly!

Codi is significantly silkier and a bit more fluffy after his bath.  While walking him last night after his bath he appeared to have a strut, like he was fully conscious of how damn good he looked!

So yeah, sometimes a normal day really isn’t all that bad.  I get to spend it with Mia and honestly that is all I really need for a good day.


looking pretty relaxed

I will admit that I am getting a bit antsy for some exploration, my wanderlust does need to be fed.  I’ll get some of it satiated next weekend as I head to Molalla for a trail run.  Looking forward to seeing another new place.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. buckyrides says:

    Sometimes you gotta take a break so that you can appreciate your next adventures

  2. adventurepdx says:

    You could have just said it was an “epic” dog wash!😅

  3. stasia:) says:

    I fully support normal life. It’s ridiculous that everything has to be so damn photo-oppy and classically “adventurous.” (That is, I think everyone would be a little bit happier if we could all start to see the adventures inherent in normal life.)

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