Step Creek Trail

Mother nature gifted us with 48 hours of dry weather this weekend.  Pretty rare for a November here on the “wet side” of the cascades.  Not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth I took full advantage of it with some short(ish), but nice rides.

Sunday was a bit cooler and breezier compared to Saturday so that meant getting out on the trails.  I headed out to Reehers Camp ,where Mia and I went last weekend too, and rode the step creek trail and triple C loop.  We have hiked this before with Codi, but back then the bridge on Step Creek to connect to Gales Creek trail again was nonexistent.  Now that it is complete it’s a pretty nice little loop.

This new bridge makes a nice little loop possible

I could hear gunshots far off in the distance, based on the frequency it was more than likely target practice up towards Round Top as opposed to hunters.  That being said though, there were plenty of hunters driving in and out on Cochran Rd.  The only people I ran into out on the trails during my ride were hikers though.

Crossing the abandoned Tillamook Bay RR tracks

For as wet as it has been lately the trails were in pretty good shape.  Not a lot of standing water on the trail and very few areas of water flowing down the trail.  I’m not sure of the validity of the thought, but I think the fat bike tires are better for when it’s wet.  In my head I argue that they don’t dig in as much as skinnier tires might and instead float on top of the mud a bit more.  Honestly there wasn’t a lot of mud, just a ton of wet leaves, and damp hardpack dirt.

Creepy trees and fog

Finished up the loop and went to check out the super short Nehalem River trail that drops down to the river from behind the “B loop” of the Reehers Camp campground.  I definitely think it is going to be worthwhile to head out there this summer to camp and ride at least once.  It’s only about 35 minutes from home, so it is easy to also just drive out, ride and drive home.  Camping is generally fun so I think it will be worth it at least once.

That’s about it for now.  Thanksgiving is coming up and we will be opting outside on Friday instead of taking part in the madness known as Black Friday…….

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