While You Where Out…

Yup, it has been a little while since I last posted something.  Generally I am one of those people who despises the excuse of being too busy.  Every commercial nowadays is about how busy we all are and how this and that can make your life easier.  I personally subscribe to the Laurens ten Dam mantra of Live Slow Ride Fast.

But seriously the less enjoyable but still important things have taken over lately.  It’s fiscal year end at work, plus a major upgrade project on our payroll/HRIS system and finishing up budget, plus supervising (god that sucks the life out of me at times).  Mia and I have also listed our house for sale (just went pending!!!!) and started the purchase of a new house further to the west of our current location.  On top of all that we squeezed in a vacation to the glorious Methow Valley for the second year in a row.  Then this weekend my nephew and his German exchange student buddy came down from Seattle to visit.  So while some not so fun work/house related crap has taken up a lot of my energy, so has being able to play and spend time with Mia and family.  Posting stuff here could take a backseat for a little bit.

Our vacation “cabin” for the week

There is now a slight lull until packing, moving to temporary housing while our new house is completed and also throwing in a 24 hour race at the end of September.  What could possibly go wrong or take up an inordinate amount of time?

Mia asks…”It’s July right?”

Spending a week up in the Methow Valley again has really confirmed it to be my favorite location for retirement option.


You name an outdoor activity and it is available within the Valley.  Hiking, biking, skiing (both downhill and XC), lakes, rivers, snowmobiling, all right here in Paradise.

Mia goes mountain biking

The weather for vacation was a good deal cooler compared to 2017.  One day in the upper 80’s and all the rest in the high 70’s to low 80’s at the valley floor.  Tad cooler up in the peaks though.

Do not visit the Methow Valley, the views suck!
When we weren’t hiking Codi was recovering

We didn’t turn on the TV in the cabin all week.  Spent a lot of time just reading on the couch or on the front porch.  Looking forward to when those things happen most days.

Good thing Codi cannot read
hiking, biking, ice creaming!

It was not easy to pack up and come home again after that wonderful week.  Getting back into reality has been a bit tough.  The routine is shaping up again though and hopefully a bit more of a “normal” adventure schedule will resume.

Love You Mia!

You can view all the vacation pics here.

To my 3 avid fans, thanks for waiting!


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  1. adventurepdx says:

    You are welcome!😉 Now the burning question: Why the move?

    1. onrhodes says:

      Ridiculous amount of equity increase on our townhouse the past 4 years. We really want a single family house and we’re moving out to Forest Grove for a bit more of the country peace and quiet (and awesome riding)

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