Caleb the Cat

Mia and I had to make the unfortunate decision last night to let our sweet little Caleb go. He was about 4 months shy of being 20 years old!  Aside from direct family Caleb is my longest relationship with day to day interaction.  I’ve only known Mia for 18 years this coming May.  Caleb (aka Chubs or Grumpy Old Man) has been in my life since September 18th, 1999.  He was approximately 8 weeks old when I adopted him which puts his birthday sometime in July of 1999.  20 years!

Like I just said Mia and I have only been together for 18.  My longest job was 12 years with the State of New Hampshire.  This little guy went through A LOT with me.  A couple relationships/dating scenarios prior to meeting Mia, at least 7 moves (one all the way across the country!) and of course his overlapping life with Guinness and Codi.  He was a damn good cat.  Probably the best I’ve ever had.  No health issues, very gentle too.

Caleb “half in the bag”

Back in New Hampshire he was an indoor/outdoor cat and would spend a lot of nights in the side yard trying to catch moths.  He’s been pretty much an indoor cat the past 6 years here in Oregon, until we moved into the new house in Forest Grove that is.  Now that we have a fenced in yard he got to spend some of his final months outside again.

Caleb the lawnmower
What the hell are you looking at?
He was close to 16lbs at one point (this is where Chubs comes from)
Caleb loved Frosted Flakes milk
He was also a fan of bacon (smart cat!)
Did I mention he was a BIG cat?
Route planning
Pretending to workout
Caleb and Guinness
Caleb and Codi
I’m going to miss his face

It helps me to write about it.  It’s hard to express how much I loved this little guy.  Those who get it, get it.  Pets are such an integral part of my life and no matter what kind of day you have had they are always psyched to see you.  I’m already missing him standing on the sofa table and yelling at me in the morning to give him some snacks.  There was also the fact that if you sat down for more than 5 seconds he was in your lap.  He’d just sprawl out on you and refuse to move.

Gimmee a snack fool!

Mia and I are going to donate his unopened food cans to Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter.

Thanks for reading,

-Pete & Mia

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle Duclos says:

    Aw this breaks my heart as I fully understand the love of a pet. I am so sorry for you and Mia.

  2. Kim Nadeau says:

    I’m so sorry, Pete and Mia. Such a special little guy. Pets are some of the best family members , confidantes and provide calm, comfort and comic relief. Sending hugs your way. Thank you for sharing your memories.

  3. Karen Gibbins says:

    He was a handsome guy. I am so sorry for having to make the decision to let him go. He had a good life and knew you loved him.


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