Annual Timothy Lake Hike

The hike around Timothy Lake has pretty much turned into an annual fall tradition for Mia and me. We like to start from Little Crater Lake Campground and have in the past always gone clockwise around the lake. This year we got all adventurous and went counterclockwise (the scandal!). It actually turned out to be a bit better mentally this way since the first few miles (normally the last few) are not exactly the most scenic.

2019-10-05 002

Never get sick of this little lake

The south shore campground looked like it was getting a bit of an off season facelift. There was a lot of new gravel/grading of the trail and a bunch of the campsite signs were all in a pile (being replaced?)

2019-10-05 034
2019-10-05 031

It was snowing up around Mt. Hood just last weekend and this weekend the temps were comfortably cool (low to mid 50’s for our hike) and the sky was mostly sunny with just a few puffy whites. Mt Hood even peaked out for us a couple times.

2019-10-05 033
2019-10-05 055

So while the loop is 13 miles, it is less than 300′ in elevation for the entire hike. Codi likes all the opportunities for swimming too. We’ll keep bringing him back here for as long as he can hike 4.5-5 hours. Someday he’ll be too old but hopefully not for a few more years.

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