Enjoying it While it Lasts

The insanely good late fall weather continues here in the PNW. It was 63 yesterday and at least 60 today. Mia and I have both been taking advantage of this weather while it lasts. The typical rain/drizzle and overcast days have yet to appear for any extended amount of time so far. Though long range forecast indicates that may be changing by next weekend.

Mia ended up running the Silver Falls 7 Miler yesterday. This was her third time doing it and the first time it hasn’t rained during the event. She was pleased with her time, beat her goal. Her and several women also stopped to help a woman who sprawled out in front of Mia and may have broken her rib when she landed on a rock. Once the women’s partner showed up and another runner who happened to also be a nurse stayed with the woman, Mia and the other’s continued on their way.

Today I got out with a group of guys to ride the Smoke Ranch Loop. This is a fabulous mixed surface loop with a little bit of everything. I was thinking three of us would be heading out and it ended up being six so a good group for a late Sunday morning start.

2019-11-03 Smoke Ranch Loop 001
2019-11-03 Smoke Ranch Loop 002

This time of year is always interesting when a group of people go for a ride. Fitness is all over the place. I fully admit mine is less than spectacular at the moment. I don’t think I’ve done a good “hard ride” since August now.

2019-11-03 Smoke Ranch Loop 006

I also finally got to do the Pottratz Rd connection too, an abandoned road that cuts off a few miles of Dixie Mtn Rd but adds a ripping descent followed by a sturdy little climb back up to Dixie Mtn again.

There is also the famous Dixie Mountain Grange. It is known for it’s annual Strawberry Festival that always happens Father’s Day weekend. In 2019 it happened in downtown North Plains and I hope that was only a one time thing. It would be sad to see the grange disappear.

2019-11-03 Smoke Ranch Loop 007

A ride with no injuries or mechanicals is always good. We had no mechanicals and only one small wipeout while descending Murphy Rd to Dairy Creek. Those top few turns are steep and tight! Toss in some gravel that rolls like marbles under your tires and you have to be careful.

2019-11-03 Smoke Ranch Loop 009

I felt much better on this ride compared to last week too. October wasn’t really planned to be a mellow month and now as we turn the page into November it is time to start building some fitness again.

Hopefully get a few more of these rides done between now and Christmas.

Thanks for reading,

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