Black Friday Hike

Mia and I are not Black Friday shopping people. In general the further we are away from any retail establishment on the day after Thanksgiving the better. In keeping with past tradition we headed out for a hike and avoided all the crowds. As REI would say….we #optoutside

2019-11-29 step creek triple C 002

Reehers Camp is conveniently located not too far from our house in Forest Grove. It’s a nice place to mountain bike almost year round and it’s a nice area to hike when the snow levels start to drop. It was an easy choice for us today because it meant we didn’t have to head east towards PDX.

2019-11-29 step creek triple C 013
2019-11-29 step creek triple C 008

We ran into intermittent snow on the trail during the day. Temps started out in the upper 20’s and we finished with them in the mid 30’s.

2019-11-29 step creek triple C 006

We opted for the “safe” approach with Codi and dressed him up in his hunter orange vest for the day. One of the more annoying aspects of this part of the Tillamook Forest is the amount of target shooting going on. I believe there is a shooting pit up towards Round Top and there hasn’t been a single time that I’ve been out here that I have not heard gunfire. The shots are far away but I’d still rather be cautious with Codi given his coloring.

2019-11-29 step creek triple C 021

Even with temps in the low 30’s Codi still insists on standing in the water while getting a drink. I don’t pretend to understand his choices but he does make us laugh a lot.

Codi and I are just shy of 100 miles of hiking on the year. I’d set goal to do a least 100 miles this year with him and we’ve got just under 6 miles to go. Hoping to get out for at least one more hike before Christmas and will for sure have to get out for one more prior to 12/31.

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  1. Margaret Comire says:

    Such a nice hiking trail…..Codi sure is adorable in his safety suit…..I was surprised to see that your temperature was in the 20’s….. We are getting hit with back to back snowstorms dropping a significant amount of snow….We were ready for it with snowtires on the vehicle, stored the mustang & got the snowblower running up to par & purchased a 25 lb of salt…..How was your Thanksgiving???? Ours was a good one….small crowd but that was good….In the evening we visited Grammy & brought her some dessert….She is doing well physically but the dementia is moving along….As well, she is hearing & sight impaired which isolates her from the activities they offer and keeps her from talking & socializing with the other clients…..Its a sad, sad situation…. She is definitely the favored one in her unit…..Let us hear from you sometime….Will your Christmas be at home this year???? Love, Maggie & Bob

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