Rhodes Trip: Fort Stevens

Mia and I last visited Fort Stevens in 2015 for a day visit. We hiked a big loop that time from the visitors center and checked out the old fort, the Peter Iredale shipwreck, etc.

This time we booked a weekend in one of their deluxe cabins which includes a fridge, shower, bathroom, microwave and gas grill. Pretty much what I would define as “glamping” in my terms.

2020-02-08 Fort Stevens 034
Cabin K3 - Home for the weekend

It has been very wet lately and the drive out Friday was no different. Heading out Route 26 we ran into some pretty heavy downpours and visibility was dismal for a couple stretches. Once hitting 101 North things calmed down as far as rain but the wind was gusting decently at this point.

2020-02-08 Fort Stevens 012
Headed out Saturday for some adventure

We woke Saturday to clouds and cool temps. The wind was still gusting pretty good at times and the forecast called for spot showers. That didn’t stop us for heading out for a 3 hour hike around the park though.

2020-02-08 Fort Stevens 015
Last time we were taking pics down at the shipwreck

The ocean was angry on Saturday. Tides were 10 feet above normal and the waves were just smashing into the shore. So much of the beach had eroded lately there was a front end loader dumping sand to build it back up.

2020-02-08 Fort Stevens 021
Tried to hike the Kestrel Dune Trail
2020-02-08 Fort Stevens 022
Flooded trail turned us back though

We stuck to the paved paths because of how wet/flooded it was in the woods. Can’t say we were surprised (again it has been WET lately).

2020-02-08 Fort Stevens 023
Best sign ever!
2020-02-08 Fort Stevens 027
Still kind of cool on the paved paths

We got drizzled on at various points but never really had to worry about getting soaked. Cody definitely likes the cooler temps too.

2020-02-08 Fort Stevens 032
Tired dog is a good dog

The sun actually tried to make a brief appearance just before the sun went down. We may have even seen a smidge of blue sky too. The forecast for Sunday was looking much better than Saturday. Heck we were supposed to actually see the sun for most of the day!

2020-02-09 Fort Stevens 001
Coffenbury Lake

We did a quick hike down to and around Coffenbury Lake before having to pack up and head home for the day. It was chilly but the sun was peaking out from the mist. Definitely a sight for sore eyes.

2020-02-09 Fort Stevens 007
2020-02-09 Fort Stevens 008
2020-02-09 Fort Stevens 010
calm waters

It was nice to get away for a quick Rhodes Trip. I put a very large dent in the book I was reading and got to spend some quality time with Mia. We still had to use most of Sunday for grocery shopping and all the other chores not going to compalin though. Codi also got to put a dent into his 2020 hiking goal.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. adventurepdx says:

    It’s been eons since I’ve been to Fort Stevens, and I have never stayed there. Didn’t realize that the cabins were that deluxe!

    1. onrhodes says:

      Judging by the look of them they are relatively new. I’d guess not more than 10 years old.

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