COVID-19 Wk 5: Can’t Fix Stupid

Oregon is wrapping up it’s 5th week of “lockdown”. There have been countless news stories about flattening the curve by staying home and if you have to go out being socially distant. However there is apparently a portion of the population that is either just really stupid or really selfish. I can’t quite decide which one at this point. People are even cutting locks at local parks so they can use the equipment! Get a clue morons!

Friday afternoon mountain bike ride

I am all for people getting outside and getting some fresh air, exercising and just getting a bit of a mental recharge. However on Friday afternoon I rode from my house over to Hagg Lake to mountain bike the singletrack around the lake. Every parking lot and pullout was PACKED with people. The water was loaded with boats, kayaks, SUPs, etc. It looked like a summer weekend. There were people fishing all over the place and the main parking lot areas with picnic tables were crowded. I had been hoping for a quiet ride around the lake and instead I was amazed at how many people were out there. Lucky enough I saw maybe 10-15 people on the 13 miles of singletrack around the lake. Getting distance from each other wasn’t that difficult.

Because I can bike there from my house I don’t feel bad about heading over. I have consciously been avoiding it on the weekends and was hoping that Friday would be kind of quiet. The sunny weather and temps in the mid 70’s brought out the crowds though. I think that too many people are treating their “stay at home” orders more like a vacation. My theory is if you have to drive there to recreate…..don’t go! Stay local.

Park Closed
So these people just decide to block the locked gate

On today’s ride I did a loop out towards Newberg and then up and over Chehalem Ridge/Bald Peak. There is a more than obvious sign saying the park is closed. Trails off the side of the road say “do not enter”. Yet I saw people who apparently don’t think the rules apply to them!

Can you tell I am annoyed with people?

Just a sample of the wineries near me

I ended up with 3 hours of riding today. I probably had enough water for maybe 30-45 minutes more. This is about the extent of my road riding and water limit without having to stop at a store. In normal times I wouldn’t have any issues stopping at a store to get more water and food but right now I am avoiding those little out of the way convenience stores that make longer rides easier. It’s a bummer but it is just where I am right now in the thought process of this whole COVID-19 thing.

Pumpkin Bars

I wound down the afternoon with some baking. We have a strange amount of canned pumpkin in the cupboard and I was looking for something to do with some of it. I found this recipe earlier this week which seemed to fit the bill perfectly. So far I think they came out pretty darn well. I’ll argue that there is some health benefit with the vitamin K and fiber in the pumpkin and the healthy fat in the nuts…………

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