COVID-19 Wk 7: Still Going

Well week seven of the coronavirus pandemic is behind us. When this all started I was hoping that maybe it would be five to six weeks and we’d be back to some semblance of “normal” life. Well that theory got blown out of the water. Over the weekend Governor Brown extended Oregon’s state of emergency until July 6th! I get that there are political and economic reasons to do this (can you say federal funds) but damn that was quite the reality check.

Mia and I have been talking about the positive aspects of everything that has been going on. I refuse to dwell on the negative aspects as it just isn’t how my mind works. On a personal note I biked just over 860 miles for the month of April. It has been my best month in the past 7 years by about 10 miles and the earliest I have ever hit that mark in I don’t know how long. None of my rides were over 50 miles. I got most of them just by commuting to/from work. I think I may have driven the Subaru Outback maybe a total of 200 miles all month, so saving on gas too!

The other positives that we have seen is just the number of families out for bike rides, walks, etc. I look at it as a blessing in disguise that as kids are out of school and parents are working from home they are getting to spend more time together. I don’t think I have ever heard a single parent say “man I wish I could spend less time with my kids”. Perhaps in the long run there will be some longer lasting positives. It’s not about trips to Disneyland, putting your kid in fifteen activities as the same time or working 60 hour weeks. Life is about spending time with family (and eventually friends again).

Normally I’d be in the middle of a mountain bike racing season right now. Weekends not spent racing or doing long rides would instead have been spent looking for a hike to do with Mia and Codi. Now I’m still doing my rides, but from the front door and not driving to the Gorge or something like that.

No bake s’mores cheesecake bites
No-bake S'mores cheesecake bites

For me personally spending more time at home has gotten me back into the kitchen to play around again. I’ve always considered myself a decent cook and I like to make deserts more than main dishes……It’s a good thing I rode those 860 miles this past month!

No bake s’mores cheesecake bites
homemade marshmallow cream too

This weekend’s treat comes from Handle the Heat and her No-bake S’mores Mini Cheesecake bites. I’ll get right to it. I thought these were just okay, not awesome, but not bad either. I felt the cheesecake was more like a thick pudding or dense mousse as opposed to the cheesecake texture I had in my head. I’d give them a 6 out of 10 for a score. They were simple to make and do have a nice creamy texture, just not what I was expecting. The big positive I’ll take out of it is that I learned to make my own marshmallow cream or as I prefer to call it Fluff. Crazy simple and fantastic taste.

If you’re reading this please take a moment to step back and reflect on the positives of the current situation. I realize that not everyone has as rosy a picture as Mia and I have. The other thing to remember then is that someone is always there for you or better yet maybe someone needs you to be there for them. So don’t be afraid to reach out and just let that someone know.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Margaret Comire says:

    Hi Mia & Peter:
    Good for you & Mia for looking at things on a positive note….Something good will come out of this thing we are going through….Unfortunately, with governor’s in some States beginning to loosen up on the rules, I’m predicting this pandemic will be back with a vengeance…..Your governor, in my opinion, is doing the right thing by extending the rules and the date to July 6th…..

    That cheesecake you made sure does look yummy…..I am looking forward to making your recipe for whipped coffee…..On my grocery list I had put down a jar of instant coffee but Martha & James didn’t know what that was so she brought me a can of coffee that you use for percolated coffee…..I put it back on my grocery list for this week….

    Congratulations on the many bike miles that you did just in the month of April…..That is remarkable…..

    We actually had a 70 degree day on Sunday so we took a walk on a bike trail that is being constructed here in Concord…..It begins behind Cumberland Farms & will end in Warner…..We hope some of it will be finished before next winter so that we may be able to ride on it soon…..

    So my girl will be celebrating her 50th birthday come this month…..It seems we recently celebrated her 40th……You must be planning something big for her this year….

    Bob & I have not been out of the house & out of our backyard for 4 months…..Bob, is petrified of catching this virus. He won’t let me go beyond our mailbox for fear I may bring home this virus & give it to him…..He believes if he did catch it he would die because of his underlying medical conditions…..Therefore, errands,food shopping & anything else we may need is being done by the Lemahieu’s & the Audet’s…..We so appreciate it…..

    Do say halo to Mia for us…..We miss & love you both…..Be Well, Be Safe…Maggie & Bob

  2. stasia:) says:

    ahha! The mystery dessert! heh. Your marshmallow fluff looks way better than the one on the original recipe:)

  3. Frani Sinder says:

    Well, first of all, you look like quite the chef! Secondly, this virus stuff stinks! We’re staying home as much as well can as we are both over 70, thus, more susceptible to the virus if we accidently come near someone with it, especially who may not know it yet. Anyway, it also reminds me of the polio epidemic in the late 1940’s. I was too young to really take heed with it, but I do remember it. Anyhow, “this too shall pass”, but I hope it will be soon! In the meantime, hope you all stay well. Frani

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