COVID-19 Wk 18: Commuter Life

While President Trump continues to prove he’s totally inept. Portland is making national news for all the wrong reasons. Personally I think Mayor Wheeler is rather ineffectual and he could be doing a much better job handling the current protests. However it doesn’t mean that the Feds need to come in an ratchet up the tension.

COVID-19 cases in Oregon are still rising and now the word is that some people are waiting up to two weeks for test results. So if you are positive and it takes a couple weeks to find out you are positive, how many people did you infect in that time? Then how many people did they infect? Exponentially spreading the virus. Fantastic huh?!?!?

Mia and I are still plugging away at work. I’m working in the office 4 days a week and remote one. Prior to COVID I would bike most days to light rail and ride into work. I didn’t ride MAX for close to three and half months and even now I only take it maybe once a week. That has meant riding my bike all the way into work as much as possible. It ends up being close to 35 miles a day round trip. The main tool for that job has been my All City Gorilla Monsoon. The very bike that was stolen last fall only a few months after building it up and returned to me in February. Well I just clocked over 2,000 miles on it this Monday.

Gorilla Monsoon
All City Gorilla Monsoon

It took me quite some time to dial in the fit. I spent weeks toying with the seat height, setback and even saddles. I tried a couple that I have on my more racing oriented bikes but felt like I was constantly fighting with the position until I finally tossed a cheap Bontrager saddle that originally came on my Trek Farley. That was quite literally a game changer on the fit and feel. I’ve only tweaked the level and setback ever so slightly since originally installing it about 250 miles ago.

Gorilla Monsoon
Cheap but effective
Gorilla Monsoon
I like the TRP Hylex brakes a lot

There isn’t much I would change about the current setup. I really like the TRP Hylex brakes and the Shimano drivetrain is what I would choose over SRAM any day. The Microshift barend shifter is a little finicky. It has just enough slop between the clicks that if your cable tension isn’t dead on you can get the dreaded tick, tick, tick as the rear derailleur wants to move up or down. I’ll also eventually replace the Teravail Sparwood tires with something like the Schwalbe G-One Allround or Speed. I have found both of them in a 27.5 x 2.35″ version.

Gorilla Monsoon
Rear is getting pretty well worn
Gorilla Monsoon
Front looks decent still.

Now let’s talk baking. This week I returned to an item I haven’t made for some time. Mia and I were making biscotti on and off quite a bit in 2012 and 2013. It has been a bit sporadic since then and I don’t think I have personally made any since some time in 2015.

Looking around for recipes I wasn’t totally sold on exactly what I wanted in my biscotti. I had not made this particular Maple Walnut Biscotti before. Being a King Arthur recipe I was confident it would come out great. Being a native New Englander the use of maple syrup was extremely appealing.

before the first bake
Cut on a bias
Got about eight out of each log
Golden and crunchy

I’ve now got over two weeks of daily biscotti unless Mia helps me out or we take some to work. Hard decision to make if I want to share them or not.

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