Opting Outside-2022

For only the second time ever Mia and I went away for Thanksgiving this year. Generally, there is that very comfortable feeling of waking up in your own house and going about the Thanksgiving rituals. However, after our last trip to Sisters back in May we decided to book well in advance for a Thanksgiving trip back down to the same rental house. We had stellar weather and a rather basic Turkey Day meal of ham, veggies and mashed potatoes. As always though it was fun to spend time outside with Mia and Codi and more specifically it continued our annual tradition of avoiding the whole Black Friday B.S.

Late Thursday morning we headed out for a short hike along Whychus Creek to the waterfall. It was chilly to start but sunny so staying warm was pretty easy.

Thanksgiving Day hike
Better than shopping any day!
Thanksgiving Day hike
Small waterfall but still pretty
Some of the sunny areas had a thin layer of mud on top of frozen ground
Metolius River Loop
Codi in his food coma after hiking and then eating

On Friday we returned to a hike we had done before. We started at the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery and hiked along the Metolius River to Lower Bridge and back. This is a pretty straight forward hike with very little elevation to speak of.

Metolius River Loop
Cloudier and a bit cooler on Friday
Codi contemplating a dip in the Metolius (he did)
Wizard Falls along the Metolius River

We saw more anglers than fellow hikers along this 6-mile loop. Though trust me when I say I am not complaining. The solitude and feeling of just the three of us out there was fantastic.

I feel like I’ve said it a million times, but if there is one city in Oregon that will keep us here after retirement it is Sisters. We just love the vibe, location, access to everything we love to do outdoors. It’s the definition of what we want in a retirement location.

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