Placid & Chenamus Lakes Hike

I’m pretty sure I say this every time we head up to Indian Heaven……We just love it up here. There is something magical (cliche? maybe, but so true) about Indian Heaven. We’ve done Thomas to Blue Lake the most. Then there is Eastern Crater TH up to Lemei Lake, Lake Wapiki or Indian Heaven Racetrack….

Birthday Hike

It was our birthday week this week. It’s hard to say it was “my” birthday because I’ve always shared it with Paul since day 1. So I tend to refer to it mostly as “our” birthday. Keeping with tradition Mia, Codi and I went hiking (and I know Paul went hiking back in NH too)….

Echo Valley 60

It’s June and I have not done a single mountain bike race yet this season.  Ambition from earlier in January has been replaced with a desire to “just ride”.  Therefore things like the Oregon Stampede and other long or interesting rides that I have done so far this year.  However I had all intentions of…