Placid & Chenamus Lakes Hike

I’m pretty sure I say this every time we head up to Indian Heaven……We just love it up here. There is something magical (cliche? maybe, but so true) about Indian Heaven. We’ve done Thomas to Blue Lake the most. Then there is Eastern Crater TH up to Lemei Lake, Lake Wapiki or Indian Heaven Racetrack. This time I wanted to get up towards the north side of the area and try out a different hike. We opted to hike out to Placid and Chenamus Lakes.

Indian Heaven Hike August 2022
Wide and easy to follow path from the parking area

Codi is starting to show his age. He’s getting up near thirteen years old now. His days of 10+ mile hikes seem to be behind him and now we aim for simpler 5ish mile days. It’s a bummer to see our little guy getting on in years but he still gets super pumped for hike days.

Indian Heaven Hike August 2022
Two lakes in one hike. Codi is psyched

Today’s hike ended up being just over 3.5 miles total. The effort required for this hike is very minimal. It does look like most people hike out Trail #29 to Placid Lake but the Trail #29A to Chenamus Lake was a bit more overgrown and definitely appeared to be less used. Still easy to follow, it just had several blowdowns to navigate while the portion to Placid Lake was totally clear of any hazards.

Indian Heaven Hike August 2022
Mia and CB
Chenamus Lake

We were hoping to get in some huckleberry picking on this trip. Given the cool, wet spring though it looks like things are going to be several weeks late compared to previous years.

Ripe huckleberries are still a few weeks out in 2022

We’ll have to head back up around Labor Day to check out the status of the berries. There were some ripe bushes, and plenty of people picking, up near the berry fields but the bushes deep in the woods still have a way to go.

Mt Adams

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