Two days in a row!

For the first time since probably early December, heck maybe even November I was able to get in two days of riding in a row. It’s been a long time since that happened.

On Saturday Paul and I headed out for a spin on the cross bikes. Concord roads have taken quite a beating this winter. Potholes and puddles galore. I am trying to convince Paul to put fenders on his bike since it is a pain to ride behind some one without them this time of year. I’m a least courteous enough to have mine in place. Though in all honesty it’s mostly because it makes cleaning the bike after early season rides likes this much easier.

Here is the GPS data for Saturday 3/12/2011

On Sunday I planned to take it a bit easier and slower and go solo. Paul was riding with Shannon and Julie, one of our Reach The Beach teammates from 2010.
I wanted to get an earlier start so I could get home and watch the final stage of Paris – Nice.
I totally admit I am a bike racing geek at heart. While I kind of consider myself semi-retired from racing, I still like to watch all the coverage I can on Versus and now in 2011 we have Universal Sports too. Later tonight I’ll be watching Tirreno – Addriatico. I just read Cadel Evans took the lead today.

Anyways, Sunday’s ride I actually felt pretty decent. legs were working fine. I tried to choose a route that would keep me out of the wind as much as possible. Ended up with a tailwind for most of the Franklin to Concord portion of Route 3. That is always a bonus on that road.

Here is the GPS data for Sunday 3/13/2011

Still not exactly sure how 2011 will play out. I want to hit some EFTA races this year again and do some of the more challenging running races. Like the Western NH Trail Series. Leaning also towards the Hershey Half Marathon in October just to get another one under my belt. I’d like to go sub 1:40 on this one.

Supposed to hit upper 40’s and maybe even some 50’s this coming week. The snow is melting fast and I’m really looking forward to hitting the trails for some mountain bike rides and exploring the dirt roads once they all dry out on the cross bike and Salsa Fargo.

No pics from the past two days. Too wet to whip out the camera and to bundled up to want to use it.

Thanks for reading.

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