Road ride with Mia

I’m almost ashamed to type this, but this was my first ride on my road bike since late September 2010.  October – yesterday was training for the half marathon we did in October, ride mountain bikes, cross bikes and my Salsa Fargo.  Glad to say though that I finally got back out on my road bike.  It is probably my favorite bike out of all of them.  Riding with Mia today just makes it that much better.

Mia all bundled up

It was pretty cold when we started out.  Forecast for today was calling for 47 degrees, but at noon it was still only 39.  Time to throw on as many layers as we can handle.  I hate being cold and tend to overdress at times.


Our road bikes

I spent the morning cleaning cassettes, lubing chains, filling tires with air and getting the bikes ready to ride after a very long winter of sitting in the basement.  I was hoping for minimal puddles from the melting snow, so I don’t have to clean them again later.


Heading out Corn Hill

We did what is usually our “Monday recovery ride” and headed out to Boscawen and up Corn Hill to Route 127, back over Tyler Road and Warner Road and Bog Road.  Most of the roads are in decent shape.  The snow has melted back quite a bit in the past few weeks.  The pot holes in some areas are atrocious, but that’s living and riding in New Hampshire this time of year.

Mia’s first outdoor ride of 2011, we ended up with a mellow 24 miles.  Temps were about 43 by the time we got home.  Wind was relatively light, especially compared to yesterday’s ride.

Here is a link to the GPS data of the ride.

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